Trip to the Croydon University Hospital

Our school has finally had the chance to perform in front of real doctors in the Croydon University Hospital. We will never have the chance to perform again in front of the doctors and this is are best chance to impress them.

On the 20th of November 2017  we were ready to go to the Hospital to perform. We all know what to say and we were all really excited. As we were walking to the Hospital, I was practising what to say, even though it wasn’t much. All I had to say was ‘This was the future of medicine.’

After a lot of walking we finally arrived there and we saw lots of doctors right at the back of the lecture theatre. We had to wait for a long time until it was my group’s turn to present. Doctors came to us and asked us many questions. After a lot of answering questions it was our turn to perform.

I had a mixture of feelings going through my mind; I felt scared and excited. I had no idea why I was scared even though I only had to say 6 words: ‘This is the future of medicines.’ I knew the doctors and parents would be impressed by our presentations and I was sure proud of myself.

We finished our presentation and the doctors were extremely fascinated with us and our presentation. They even said that we might know more about Treacher Collins Syndrome than the doctors. At that moment I was proud of us and I was really happy.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask.


Trip to Croydon’s University Hospital

It was finally the time when we  were going to speak in front of doctors and our parents . We are some  of the luckiest children as many don’t have this opportunity. Since I was thinking about it all day I knew we had to impress them.

As we were walking on the pavement I was so nervous as I might forget my words or get embarrassed about speaking  but I knew I had to give a great performance. When we got there, doctors had time to talk to us. Due to their fascinating information, I now want to be a future doctor. These doctors have inspired me to take up medicine.

It was time. I was getting ready for my performance. My heart raced up and down as it was my turn to perform. Even though I was nervous I was full of excitement as I couldn’t wait to perform.

I was going to do it now ………….. DONE! It was over in a flash! It felt great to share my knowledge with so many adults.

The comments we got were amazing and I learnt all about the journey to study for medicine at university. Today (20th of November 2017 ) was the greatest day of my life. That was my trip to the hospital .

If you have any questions please ask me .

The trip to Mayday Hospital

At the beginning of the trip to Mayday Hospital we had to walk for 20 minutes. When we arrived I saw the hospital and it was enormous. As we went in I was nervous and I had butterflies in my stomach.

We sat down on a table and we got to meet some doctors. I met two. One called Jonathon and another one called Mannie. One of them let me use a stethoscope and we got to hear me and my friends heart beats. Jonathon was talking about what got him to become a GP and I became inspired and I now I want to become one some day in the future.

Before we walked onto the stage I was nervous and was waiting to go up on stage in front of the parents and adults. As I went on I just wanted to stay on for longer. My group was talking about a bone marrow transplant which is when you replace damaged blood cells with healthy ones.